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Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine

Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine

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The Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine is a highly efficient and versatile equipment designed to streamline the process of expanding and shrinking tube ends. It incorporates an automatic feeding device that allows cut pipe codes to be placed in the hopper, enabling the machine to complete the feeding process automatically. The feeding device utilizes a linkage structure to ensure precise and consistent feeding, processing one pipe at a time and eliminating material piling.

The machine's hopper width is adjustable, accommodating pipes of various lengths. The shrink head features a rotary forging structure with a casting shell, ensuring optimal forging strength and extended tool life. A specially designed cutting die guarantees the precision and finish of the required products while minimizing the noise generated during the forging process.

This machine is particularly well-suited for copper-aluminum resistance welding joints and can be equipped with a mandrel to confirm the hole size of the pipe fitting. The flat head machine employs a high-speed rotary flat scraping method using an alloy tool head to remove excess material from the nozzle, ensuring a smooth finish.

The transfer between each station is facilitated by a pneumatic mechanical gripper that moves up, down, left, and right, with the linkage of the two stations optimizing work efficiency.





Tube Material

Copper / Aluminum  tube


Tube Diameter



Tube Length



Shrinking Length




380V, 50HZ, 3 phase


Inner Diameter Range






Control System

PLC control / HMI


Work Speed






1.Material Versatility:The Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine is designed to handle a diverse range of materials, including copper and aluminum. This versatility allows manufacturers to process different tube types using a single machine, reducing the need for multiple specialized equipment and streamlining production workflows.

2.Adjustable Feeding Hopper:The machine features an adjustable feeding hopper that can accommodate tubes of various lengths. This adaptability is crucial for manufacturers who work with a wide range of tube sizes. The hopper also boasts a large loading capacity, enabling longer production runs and minimizing the frequency of material replenishment.

3.Customizable Feeding Stroke:To further enhance the machine's adaptability, the feeding stroke can be easily adjusted to match the length of the tubes being processed. This feature ensures that the machine can efficiently handle tubes of different sizes without compromising on the precision of the expanding and shrinking operations.

4.Fully Automated Processing:The Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine offers a complete automation solution, encompassing loading, shrinking, and unloading processes. This high level of automation significantly reduces manual labor requirements, improves overall efficiency, and minimizes the risk of human error. By streamlining the entire process, manufacturers can achieve higher production rates and improved consistency in the quality of the finished products.

5.Intelligent Tube Detection:To prevent incorrect operation and ensure the smooth running of the production process, the machine incorporates an automatic tube detecting system. This intelligent feature monitors the presence and proper positioning of tubes, alerting operators to any discrepancies or potential issues. By proactively identifying and addressing problems, the tube detection system helps maintain optimal performance and reduces the likelihood of production disruptions.

6.Deformation Prevention:The Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine is equipped with a specially designed tube holding device that securely grips the tubes during the expanding and shrinking processes. This innovative feature effectively prevents tube deformation, ensuring that the finished products maintain their desired shape and dimensions. By minimizing the occurrence of defects and rework, the tube-holding device contributes to improved product quality and reduced material waste.

7.Precision and Consistency:The machine's cutting-edge technology and robust construction guarantee a high level of precision and consistency in expanding and shrinking operations. The specially designed cutting die ensures that the finished products meet the required specifications, while the rotary forging structure and casting shell provide the necessary strength and durability for reliable performance. By delivering precise and consistent results, the machine helps manufacturers maintain strict quality standards and satisfy the demands of their customers.

8.Noise Reduction:The Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine is engineered to minimize noise generation during the forging process. The specially designed cutting die not only ensures the precision and finish of the products but also helps to reduce the noise levels in the work environment. By creating a more pleasant and less disruptive working atmosphere, the machine promotes operator comfort and supports compliance with workplace noise regulations.

These expanded key features highlight the Automatic Tube End Expanding & Shrinking Machine's ability to deliver a comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality solution for tube end processing. By offering material versatility, adaptability, automation, intelligent monitoring, and precision, the machine empowers manufacturers to optimize their production processes, improve product quality, and enhance overall operational efficiency.



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