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Bringing Accuracy and Speed to U-Bend Fabrication with the Serpentine Tubes Cutter

Fabricating HVAC and refrigeration piping systems requires repeatedly cutting serpentine tubes to create U-shaped bends. Serpentine Tubes Cutters provide an automated solution to simplify serpentine tube preparation versus manual cutting. In this article, we'll explain the key features and operation of the Serpentine Tubes Cutter for clients looking to optimize efficiency.

U-Bend tubes

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter is a pneumatically-controlled machine designed for high-volume, straight cuts in copper and aluminum serpentine tubes from 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter. Implementing automation like the Serpentine Tubes Cutter can significantly improve serpentine tube cutting consistency and productivity.

Key Automated Precision Capabilities

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter achieves efficient, straight cuts of serpentine tubes through several proprietary features:

Pneumatic Control System

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter utilizes pneumatic pressure to provide consistent cutting force and stability. This compressed air-based system minimizes vibration for clean cuts.

Adjustable Stroke Length

Operators can adjust the stroke length of the compression cylinder from 1/4" up to 1/2" diameter pipes.

Automated Operating Modes

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter can operate in:

●Manual mode using independent control knobs

●Fully automatic mode is initiated by pressing two buttons to start the automated cut sequence

Integrated Sensor Feedback

Built-in sensors provide cylinder position feedback to enable precise sequential control.

the serpentine tube cutter machine

Key Specifications and Operating Requirements

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter is designed for cutting standard HVAC and refrigeration-grade straight copper and aluminum serpentine tubes.

Key Specifications

●Pipe Materials: Copper, aluminum

●Max Diameter: 1/2"

●Min Diameter: 1/4"

●Max Cut Length: 32"

●Air Requirement: 90-120 PSI

●Power Supply: 380 V AC, 50 Hz, 3-phase

Operating Requirements

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter requires a flat, stable surface for installation. Proper lubrication of moving parts and sufficient compressed air flow are vital for optimum performance.

the serpentine tube cutter machine

Installing the Serpentine Tubes Cutter

Properly installing the Serpentine Tubes Cutter is important for performance and safety. Follow these key steps:

1.Select a flat, stable surface able to bear the 320 kg machine weight

2.Anchor the machine securely to prevent movement

3.Connect the required 380 V AC 3-phase electrical supply

4.Attach the 90-120 PSI compressed air line

5.Ensure sufficient lubrication on all guide rails and moving parts

6.Test run the machine fully without any tubes loaded

7.Adjust the stroke lengths of the pneumatic cylinders

8.Set the optimal saw blade depth for clean cuts

Ensuring Proper Setup

Taking the time to install and initialize the serpentine tube-cutting machine properly is critical for safety and performance. BOBO Machine's knowledgeable customer service team can assist with any setup or operation questions.

the serpentine tube cutter machine

How to Operate the Serpentine Tubes Cutter

The Serpentine Tubes Cutter is designed for flexibility, providing manual and fully automatic operating modes:

Manual Operation

In manual mode:

●The operator uses control knobs on the panel to independently actuate each function

●Allows precise control over blade motor, pneumatic clamps, cut depth, tube positioning

●Ideal for trial runs or custom cuts requiring special attention

●Automatic Operation

In automatic mode:

●Activated by pressing two start buttons simultaneously

●The machine automatically cycles clamping, cutting, and unclamping

●Built-in sensors monitor pneumatic cylinder positions

●Allows high-volume, consistent straight cuts of serpentine tubes without intervention

Key Controls and Features

●Variable stroke adjustment on pneumatic cylinders

●Blade motor speed control

●Cut depth adjustment

●Digital cycle counter

●Emergency stop button

●Enclosure door safety switches

Proper Maintenance for the Serpentine Tubes Cutter

Like any automated machinery, consistent maintenance is key for optimal Serpentine Tubes Cutter performance and longevity.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

●Lubricate guide rails and moving parts with lithium grease

●Clean and remove any metal debris with brushes

●Inspect parts for wear and replace them as needed

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

●Lubricate pneumatic cylinders and valves

●Check and refill oil levels in gearboxes

●Test and adjust sensor positions

●Check for air leaks in pneumatic lines

Following the maintenance schedule in the operating manual is highly recommended. Preventative maintenance safeguards cutting quality and avoids unplanned downtime.

Key Electrical and Pneumatic Components

the serpentine tube cutter machine

The automated operation and precision control of the Serpentine Tubes Cutter rely on integrated electrical and pneumatic systems.

Electrical System

●380V AC 3-phase power supply

●PLC/microcontroller housed in a control cabinet

●Touchscreen HMI for programming

●Sensors provide cylinder position feedback

●Motors drive blade and air compressor

●Safety interlocks on doors and panels

The electrical system powers the motors, HMI, sensors, and safety components for precise control.

Pneumatic System

●Air compressor generates the required 90-120 PSI

●Air drying and filtration

●Reserve air tank

●Control valves route air to cylinders

●Quick exhaust valves for faster cylinder retraction

●Pressure regulator and lubricator

The pneumatic system provides the compressed air to power the cylinders, valves, and air tools automatically.

Optimize your U-bend fabrication workflow with this efficient serpentine tube-cutting machinery. Our experts at BOBO Machine can also help with customized solutions to boost your fabrication productivity.Contact us today.