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Efficient Operation of an Automatic Tube End-Forming Machine

The automatic tube end-forming machine is designed to cater to various industries, allowing you to perform pipe end forming on copper, aluminum, and other tubing materials. With its high level of automation and compatibility with different product specifications, this equipment offers a seamless and efficient end-forming solution. Before you dive into using the machine, we recommend thoroughly reading this guide for a smooth and successful operation. Let's get started!

The Purpose and Characteristics of the Equipment

Our automatic tube end-forming machine boasts several advantages, making it the ideal choice for your end-forming needs. It offers compatibility with multiple tubing materials, allowing you to work with copper and aluminum pipes. Moreover, its versatility extends to accommodating different product specifications, ensuring a tailored solution for each project. The equipment's high level of automation streamlines the end-forming process, optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Instructions for Maintaining Equipment

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your automatic tube end-forming machine. Here are some essential maintenance tasks to keep in mind:

● Lubricate the sliding parts regularly.
● Clean the Clamping Die regularly to remove any pipe material fragments.
● Regularly fill the shrinkage machine with grease.
● Ensure the surface of the pipe is free from oil stains by cleaning it with alcohol beforehand.

Precautions for Operating the Equipment

Before operating the equipment, it's crucial to take note of the following precautions to ensure safe and accurate usage:

● When replacing tubes of different diameters and lengths, readjust the bin size, positioning size, clamping dies, and claws accordingly.
● Before using the equipment, check the motor rotation to avoid any complications caused by reversing rotation.
● Always turn off the main power supply when the equipment is not in use.

Requirements for Installing the Machine

Proper installation is key to optimal performance from your automatic tube end-forming machine. Pay attention to the following installation requirements:

● The power inlet line should be a three-phase five-wire system with a power supply voltage of 380V. Choose a power supply line that matches the equipment's power at the end of the automatic tube.
● Ensure the equipment is free from interference with the grounding wire and connection to guarantee operational stability and personal safety.
● Select a dry, stable, compressed air source with an air pressure above 0.6 Mpa. Lubricate the oil mist separator of the air source triplex with an appropriate amount of air compressor oil.

Description and Utilization of the Operation Pages

To make the most of your automatic tube end-forming machine, familiarize yourself with the different operation pages and their functionalities. Here's an overview:

1. Main Page:


● Automatic:Access the "automatic page" for setting relevant parameters.
● System:Click here to enter the "system setting page" and adjust relevant parameters.
● Manual:Click here to enter the manual state, select the corresponding key on the touch screen, and use the "Function 1" and "Function 2" buttons to control each component.

2. Auto Page

This page offers various settings for automatic operation, including edited programs, output settings, shrinking length, loading and unloading positions, output quantity, and more.


3. Manual Page

On this page, you can individually control specific actions of the machine's components, such as station movement, shrinking clamp operation, forward feeding, push step, and more.


4. Product Editor

Use the product editor to enter and confirm the product code for the desired project. It allows for easy selection and downloading of specific product configurations.



5. System Setting

This page enables you to fine-tune the machine's settings according to your requirements, such as shrinking delay time, motor buffer time, fast load length, manual speed, and other parameters.


Instructions for Commissioning and Operating Equipment

Before you begin operating the automatic tube end-forming machine, follow these steps:

Ensure proper installation and check the air pressure and lubrication.
Replace and install the appropriate mold and adjust its position based on the product pipe specification.
Power on the equipment and manually enter the manual page to control each component, ensuring smooth and flexible action.

Common Faults and Troubleshooting

In case you encounter any issues with the machine's operation, here are some common problems and their solutions:

If the machine fails to run in both automatic and manual modes, check for electrical component failure, malfunctioning magnetic induction switch, or discrepancies between completed and set output values. Troubleshoot accordingly, such as replacing faulty components or realigning the magnetic induction switch.

After-Sales Service

If you require further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our after-sales service team at the following numbers: TEL: +86-0513-89066001,+86 13382386112.

Remember to perform regular maintenance and adhere to safety precautions for optimal performance and safety. Our dedicated after-sales service team is always ready to assist you with further support.