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Urea Tube Forming Machine: Reliable Production by Leading Manufacturer

Urea tubes are specialy work for kinds of cars and trucks,  Which is a parts of Urea sensor, The tubes processing will be by stainless steel tubes, They are require the parts with high precison shape,  So the machines working precision is most important.  Here we offer the tube processing from coil tube,  Stainless steel tube Straightening Cutting machine,   Tube coil bending machine ,  Tube pre-bending machine, Tube end forming machine.

Understanding the Urea Tube Forming Process

Step 1: Urea raw tube cut length

Coil tube straighightening and cutting machine is cut the tube length from coil Without chips,  

The length cutting will be control by servo driving.   To keep the cut tubes with correct length. 

It can working single tube or dual tube with different tube diameters. 

Step 2: Pre-bending machine 

Once the straight  tubes are ready,  It will require the tube prebending. L shape or round foot for the next step coil bending.  

Step 3: Coil tube bending machine 

The L Shapes or square shapes foot will be fix in the coil tube winding machine for making the spiral coil bending.   The control by CNC systerm , So it can change programs for different spiral pitch.  Tooling changeable for different product. 

Step 4: Coil tube end bending 

Once coil winding work finished, The end tube keeping straight , So it will need return bending in semi-auto bending , Which is CNC control also, To guraratee the bending angle is correct angle.  

Step 5:  Tube end extra cut and end forming

The final step for connecting with the plastic parts,  So keep the tube tail with same height or level.   The processing tube end cut the extra length,  Start expading flaring the tube ends or making the beading at the tube ends.  

Challenges of Manual Urea Tube Formation and Need for Automation: 

1.Challenges of Manual Urea Tube Formation and Need for Automation: 

2.While manual production of urea tubes was historically practiced, it is labor-intensive, inconsistent, and prone to errors. Manual processes struggle to maintain precise bending angle control, tube flat rates, and cutting accuracy, resulting in inconsistent product quality and low efficiency.

3.Automated urea tube forming machines address these challenges by:

4.1.Ensuring consistent product quality through precise process control and monitoring.

5.2.Increasing production capacity and throughput, meeting growing market demands. different Urea tube sensor types.

6.3.Enhancing safety by minimizing human exposure to hazardous conditions.

7.Improving efficiency and reducing waste by optimizing material utilization and minimizing defects.

8.Enabling integration with other automated systems for seamless production lines.

The use of specialized and automated urea tube-forming machines is essential for modern, large-scale production, ensuring consistent quality, efficiency, and safety while meeting the ever-increasing demand for urea-based products.

Key Components and Features of Urea Tube Forming Machines

Urea tube forming machines are highly specialized and engineered systems designed to efficiently produce consistent, high-quality urea tubes. These machines comprise several essential components and features that work together seamlessly to ensure efficient and reliable production.

Key Components and Features of Urea Tube Forming Machines

Essential Components:

1. Cutter:

The steel / bundy tube chipless cut to length machine is special designed for tube straightening and cutting process before tube bending or welding process of condenser and evaporator. Compare to normal design with two-half clamping die, we design the clamping die in three parts according to lathe chuck structure, which can minimize the tube distortion during cutting, and the clamping die changing / adjustment will be more easier.

     ●Chip-less cutting

     ●Free set up the cutting length

     ●Continuous feed system for uninterrupted material supply

2. CNC bending machine:

GBT 28763-2012  National standard for CNC pipe bending machines
GBE5018-1  Welding Material Standards
JB9971  Noise limits for pipe bending and rolling machines
GBZ1  Hygienic standards for the design of industrial enterprises
GB5226.1Electrical equipment (design, manufacturing, installation)
IP54 Protective measures

3. CNC coil bending machine:

The CNC coil machine has a high rigidity mechanical structure design that conforms to the principles of dynamic mechanics and a precision craftsmanship level. With both structural strength and simplicity, the bending head design provides the maximum coil bending space, minimizing the interference range of the machine. Equipped with an automated program control system, it can ensure that all kinds of difficult urea pipe, steel pipe, and coil bending work can easily meet the dual requirements of mass production and high precision.

4. Tube end cutting machine 

The operation and use of the equipment comply with ergonomics;

The cutting and chamfering all-in-one machine has a high rigidity mechanical structure that conforms to the principles of dynamic mechanics and precision industrial level. It adopts a full gear head, vertical cutting method, and the chamfering machine is equipped with X/Y movement in both directions, paired with an automated program operating system, to ensure precision machining requirements.

5. Tube end forming machine

Tube end forming machine

The tube end forming machine is composed of a clamping system, a mold changing head system, a forward and backward system of the mold head, body of machine, a reinforced seat, an overall protective cover,safety grating, PLC, etc.

6. Quality Control Systems

Advanced urea tube forming machines integrate quality control systems, such as vision inspection systems or dimensional measurement devices, to ensure that the produced tubes meet strict quality standards. These systems monitor for defects, dimensional accuracy, and consistency throughout the production process.

Advantages of Automated Urea Tube Forming Machines

Automated urea tube-forming machines bring transformative advantages to industrial processes, including significant improvements in production throughput and quality control. These sophisticated pieces of equipment integrate automation to elevate the capabilities of urea tube manufacturing.

Increased Production Capacity and Throughput

Automated urea tube forming machines excel in delivering a higher production volume with their ability to operate continuously over extended periods.

They are designed to maximize throughput, effectively handling large quantities of tubes with precision. This ensures a steady compliance with production demands and targets inapplicationswhere time and volume are critical.

Improved Product Quality and Consistency

The precision offered by these forming machines ensures that each tube is manufactured to exact specifications, resulting in improved product quality and consistency.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Additionally, consistent product quality and minimized waste translate into cost savings through improved material utilization.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Modern automated machines feature user-friendly interfaces, integrated control systems, and remote monitoring capabilities. These features simplify operation, allowing for easy adjustment of parameters and real-time monitoring of performance. This ease of maintenance helps maintain a high level of operational readiness, with minimal impact on production schedules.

Integration and scalability: 

Automated urea tube forming machines can be seamlessly integrated into larger production lines or systems, enabling efficient material handling, data exchange, and synchronized operations. This integration facilitates streamlined workflows and enhances overall productivity. Additionally, many automated machines are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for capacity expansions or upgrades as production needs evolve.

Selecting The Right Urea Tube Forming Machine

Selecting the appropriate urea tube-forming machine requires careful consideration of specific criteria to match production demands with the machine's capabilities.

It's crucial to assess the machine's suitability in terms of handling the production volume, meeting precise tube specifications, integrating with other equipment, providing advanced controls and automation, as well as ensuring reliable maintenance and service support.

Production Volume and Capacity Requirements

When evaluating urea tube forming machines, it is essential to match the machine's capacity to the projectedproduction volume.

Machines designed for high-volume production tend to be more robust and may offer faster cycle times, significantly enhancingefficiency.

     ●Low to Medium Volume: Suitable for custom or specialized applications.

     ●High Volume: Necessary for large-scale industrial operations.


Investing in high-qualityurea tube-forming machinesis a strategic decision that yields numerous benefits. These machines enhance the efficiency of urea production processes. As a result, they allow for a more streamlined and cost-effective operation.

Partnering with seasoned manufacturers is crucial. Companies with a proven track record deliver machines that are not only reliable but also incorporate the latest technological innovations. This partnership ensures that companies receive comprehensive support during the initial setup and continued operation. In turn, this maximizes the machine's lifespan and performance.

For those in the market for urea tube forming machines, exploringBoboMachine's productsis recommended. We are recognized for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.