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Galvanized Steel / Bundy Tube Serpentine Bender

Galvanized Steel / Bundy Tube Serpentine Bender

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The galvanized steel/Bundy tube serpentine bender is an advanced automated machine designed to bend multiple small-diameter metal tubes for high productivity. It integrates the entire bending production process from decoiling stock tubes to straightening, cutting, bending, and recoiling finished bent tubes in one continuous automated cycle.

Servo-Electric Bending Technology

At the core of the machine is the precision electric servo bend system, which uses advanced positional encoding and closed-loop feedback to ensure accurate and repeatable bends within 1/100th of a degree. The electric servo drive allows fast speeds while maintaining control and flexibility to program different bend locations, angles, and radii. This allows quick changeover to different bend configurations through the touchscreen HMI.

Integrated Tube Processing

What sets the machine apart is its fully integrated tube processing capabilities. The servo-driven rotary stock reel and straightener can handle galvanized steel and Bundy tubes from 3-12mm diameter and 0.3-1.0mm thickness. Tubes are straightened using a 5-roller progressive straightening system to remove coil curvature and prepare the tubes for precise bending.

An additional benefit is the availability of an integrated tube cutting station, which makes precise length cuts using clamping and rotary shear techniques. This avoids secondary operations and ensures cut quality. The servo feeding carriage then feeds the straight-cut tubes to the bending section in programmed incremental lengths.

Bending Section

The bending mechanism provides a 180-degree capability for making complex shapes. Precision machined bend dies help flow material efficiently around tight radii without defects. The Rotary table provides an expanded Φ3000mm work envelope to contain the bent tube shapes.

Controls & Enclosure

The machine is operated through an industrial touchscreen HMI that facilitates easy bending program creation, recall, editing, and customization. The proprietary controller coordinates all servo motions and processes to automate tube processing and bending motion sequencing. Safety is ensured via guarding and door interlocks around the enclosure, reducing noise emissions.

1Tube MaterialGI Steel Tube / Bundy tube
2Tube DiameterΦ3-12mm
3Tube Wall Thickness0.3-1.0mm
4Bending Capacity1-15pcs / cycle
5Bending Angle1~180 degree
6Bending RadiusR15~R35
7Bending TimesUp to 110 times/cycle
8Feeding length0-700mm/time, max. 3 times
9Worktable SizeΦ3000mm
10Control SystemPLC control / Touch Screen
11Motor Power5.0KW
12Electric System380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)
13Dimension2200 x 1000 x 1580 mm (Excluded Table)
14WeightAbout 1300 KG


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