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CNC Coil Tube Straightening Cutting Tube End Forming Left&right Bending Machine

CNC Coil Tube Straightening Cutting Tube End Forming Left&right Bending Machine

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CNC coiled pipe chip-free open pipe end (one drag one, left and right shared) pipe bending all-in-one machine This equipment is used to automatically unwind, straighten, and cut length-free cutting of steel and copper coils. Full-automatic CNC equipment for end forming, three-dimensional CNC automatic bending, and automatic feeding by servo manipulators. It is mainly used for automatic chipless opening of copper, aluminum, and steel coil pipe fittings for air conditioners, water heaters, aircraft, automobiles, etc. ) Multi-station pipe end forming (or dot), high-end automated combined equipment for automatic bending forming left and right sharing.


Bending radius:



Tube length range

80-1000mm(or more)


Straight feeding axis stroke



Straight feeding speed



Straight feeding tolerrance



Space rotation axis angle:



Space rotation axis speed



Space rotation axis tolerance



Bending axis angle:



Bending axis speed



Bending axis tolerance



Max Bending Speed:

2~3 sec/band


Cutting requirement

Reduce diameter less than 4%,


Core-pulling cylinder

CNC core rod core-pulling cylinder


Oval rate

Less than12%


Straight tolerance



Length tolerance



Straight cutting speed

≤6S/pcFor example 1000mm tube length


Flaring, necking nozzle injection function

Automatic fuel injection (volatile oil)


Expanding/reduce tolerance



Left and right bending function



Tube diameter range



Tubes thickness



One time cutting length

1000mm ( Can be extra setting )


Min tube cutting length



Tube cutting precision

±0.5mm   (1000mm/pc)


Main machine



Air pressure



Oil pressure



Motor power







Main machine

Welding (Eliminate stress processing )


Auto decoiler

Inner pull model.


CNC system

ICM(With SD import, view function, can connect with MES system)


Servo system






Proximity switch



Low-voltage appliances

Schneider, Izumi, Otonix.


Pneumatic components (cylinder)





1. Safety devices: The mechanical and electrical parts must have complete and reliable safety facilities, measures and warning signs to ensure the safety of personnel.

2. Environmental protection requirements: Equipment noise must meet the relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China on production equipment noise, and pollution to the environment surrounding the equipment must comply with relevant environmental protection regulations of the People's Republic of China.

3. Reliability and stability: Under the premise of qualified product quality, the equipment can work continuously and stably for 20 hours a day, with a low failure rate, which is suitable for the needs of large-scale production.

4. Layout and appearance: The design of each part of the equipment is reasonable, which is easy to operate and maintain. The appearance layout is reasonable, neat and beautiful.

5. Random accessories: a set of common tools for the equipment; each equipment is equipped with 1 specification mold according to customer requirements.

6, the quality requirements of processed products: pipe wall thickness, straightness, uniform and stable appearance without obvious scratches and deformation. According to the technical drawings and the relevant standards of the bending industry in the refrigeration industry.


Price Basis: FOB Shanghai, China.

Payment term: 40% deposit by T/T, the balance by T/T after inspection before shipment.

Delivery time: 60 days after receiving deposit

Unit price: USD52,980


1- we offer one set tooling for one size going with machine for free.  For extra size, the tooling price 1,580$ per set :

Guarantee and after-sale service

We offer free training here in China. Also we can send technicians oversea for whole line installation and training. The relevant cost including Visa, insurance, round flight ticket, labor cost and accommodation should be borne by buyer

The guarantee period is one year since the date B/L. During this period, we will offer free parts for changing if machine quality problem. Also the spare parts can be offered in original cost after that. The freight for part sending will be paid by buyer.


This equipment adopts numerical control CNC integrated control system for centralized control. At the same time, through imported electrical components (control system), the screw (pneumatic, hydraulic) servo motor is used as the moving medium, and the precision screw servo motor is used to shift, feed, and the servo manipulator cuts the material. The equipment has accurate performance, stability and reliability, and can be connected to MES The system and copy, input, automatically generate and display SD graphic files. It is an integrated CNC fully automatic equipment for air conditioning piping copper, steel coil pipe pipe automatic fixed length and chipless cutting pipe end forming.


Equipment main structure requirements:

1. Model of equipment main body: (dual-mode) CNC coiled pipe chipless open-end pipe bending machine.

2. Processing object and process: Coiled tube. Process: Coiled tube straightening-front tube end-fixed length chipless cutting-rear tube end-left and right shared elbow-robot picking.

3. Reliable equipment quality, stable work, three-piece gas source attached, no oil leakage, air leakage, and poor operation; mold replacement is simple, mold and main pressure parts are made of mold steel, and hardness after heat treatment is HRC58-62 The surface roughness is less than Ra0.8; the frame is firm, the cylinder has no vibration, the equipment has little vibration, and other moving parts have no poor movement; the appearance is beautiful, and the gas circuit and electrical circuit layout are standardized.

4. The equipment frame and fuselage adopt the cabin-type keel structure. The equipment is welded and formed by square steel pipes and arc steel plates. After the stress is eliminated, the overall processing is performed to ensure that the equipment has sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. Height of anchor bolts.

5. The parts and components of each part of the equipment are subjected to necessary surface treatments such as electroplating, blackening, hardening, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, etc. according to the actual working conditions and working environment, so as to meet the components with sufficient strength and surface functions.


6. Linear axis feeding axis adopts high-speed linear motion components.

7.The machine head is an integral box structure, the bending arm adopts precision gear transmission (or direct connection), the transmission sprocket and the output shaft end of the reducer have support bearings.

8. The rotating shaft is driven by a power-increasing precision planetary servo reducer, and the independent servo system completes the feeding, bending and rotating control requirements.

9. The clamping mechanism is a parallelogram movement mode, and the mold is clamped diagonally to ensure sufficient clamping force and avoid pinching of the copper tube. All joints have German polymer non-lubricating bearings. Rod structure, with two strokes of semi-retracting and full-retracting. The material clamp adopts a three-lobed chuck structure to ensure sufficient clamping force, mechanical strength and service life; the core has a rapid positioning and anti-rotation device;

10. The feeding rack adopts internal pumping type (or automatic feeding rack) to reduce the tension of the feeder; the guide rubber hose must be wear-resistant and cannot be discounted; the copper pipe has no scratches or scratches;

11. Straightening unit:It adopts the whole substrate mounting method, which is convenient for specification change. The copper pipe is passed through a pair of round rollers to eliminate local deformation. The straight and horizontal planes of the copper pipe are provided with 5 straightening wheels, and the amount of straightening deformation can be adjusted according to the soft and hard states of the copper pipe. Each straightening wheel has a smooth surface and is equipped with two bearings, which effectively guarantees straightening accuracy and stability.

12. Fixed-length feeding mechanism: The ball screw is driven by an AC servo motor. The feed guide adopts a wear-resistant polished rod and linear bearings. It is flexible in movement and the feeding clamp adopts a booster cylinder.

13. Cutting mechanism: The outer rotating cutter and the supporting roller structure are used. In order to prevent the copper tube from sliding during pre-tensioning, which will cause the cutter to break, the copper tube fixing clamp is clamped by a two-stage booster cylinder. The clamping force is twice as large as that of the pulling die. The feeding mechanism adopts an independent cylinder feeding component to advance and return. The feeding is stable and the withdrawal is fast. The necking rate of each nozzle is the same. Equipped with intermittent blade fuel injection device, each cutter head is provided with volatile oil lubrication nozzles to extend the service life of the blade.

14. Displacement mechanism:The lead screw is driven by a servo motor, the precision movement guide is translated, and the up and down are driven by an air cylinder.

15. Unloading manipulator: after processing is completed, servo and precision movement screw. Pneumatic mechanical fingers hold, push and unload.

16.Hydraulic system: built-in oil tank, equipped with or air-cooled heat exchanger, this equipment mainly uses (pneumatic) or oil pressure, such as variable pressure pump when oil pressure, energy-saving, low-noise design of oil circuit.

17. Pneumatic components: The main pneumatic components of the equipment are used for various actuators and fuel injection. The pneumatic circuit has devices for voltage stabilization, purification, lubrication and pressure adjustment.

18.Electrical control: adopt a set of CNC centralized control or PLC man-machine interface control. With manual operation of each process, automatic operation of the whole machine.

19. Alarm indication : power supply, no material, cycle completion, cycle abnormality, emergency stop, overheat trip, cuttingabnormality, product discharge abnormality and other functions. The operation panel consists of man-machine interface, knob and emergency stop button, with clear identification and easy operation.

20. The installation of the electrical components of the equipment conforms to the relevant national regulations and has a reliable grounding device. The terminals, contactors and small air switches in the electrical box are installed in the VDE standard V-groove. Each electrical component is clearly marked. The electric control cabinet uses all-plastic combing cabinets with wire trunking for clear wire numbers; the control panel is clean and the subtitles on the signs are clear and easy to see.

21. Safety protection: The installation of the electrical components of the equipment conforms to the relevant national regulations, and there is a reliable grounding device, a protective cover, and automatic operation stops when the protective cover is opened.

22. Equipment color: The main body of the device is sky blue, and warning signs are placed on the parts involved in personal safety.


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