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Condenser & Evaporator Flame Brazing Welding Machine Line

Condenser & Evaporator Flame Brazing Welding Machine Line

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The welding machine is a linear structure consisting of frame, drive, transmission line and fire exhaust combustion mechanism. It is suitable for continuous heating of two copper tubes, copper elbows and welding rings, so that the welding rings can melt and evenly fill the gap between the copper tubes and the copper tubes, thus realizing automatic welding of the two devices. Gas, oxygen and nitrogen can be accurately controlled by FLOTRON DF11K / MFC, which ensures stable welding temperature and reliable welding quality.



1Machine platformmachine length10M(standard model can be increased due to production)
2input platform4M
3Welding chamber1850*1400*3200mm(exclude exhaust hood)
4Output platform4.25M
5Transport platform height400mm
6Driving systemDelivery motor speed0~3000mm(variable frequency control speed)
7Feeder speed control flame array up/down control380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)
8Rise and fall speed250mm/min
9Burn the main source of gas.LPG gas(coal gas)1.5 Kg/ cm2
10pipe-line gas1 Kg/ cm2
11compressed air4~6 Kg/ cm2
12OtherSupport rod seat38.1 mm round tube




I. Equipment model and main technical parameter

Model and name: Gas automatic welding machine HYQH-8000

The type of combustion gas is: air plus gas (LPG), and the gas is liquefied petroleum gas bottled gas.

Conveyor belt length: 10 meters in total length

Workpiece height: 300~1600 adjustable.

Number of workpiece rows: 1~4 rows.

Conveyor belt height: 450mm. Conveyor belt total width: 190mm

2. Equipment structure characteristics:

The conveyor belt in the form of single-row roller chain is installed under the stainless steel plate, the frequency control is adopted, the walking is stable, and the speed regulation is convenient.

The welding gas is taken out by the gas, and the welding is protected. The nitrogen is filled before the combustion welding to prevent the oxidation of the tube to produce a flying film. .

The copper tube and aluminum mooring in the welding zone are cooled by compressed air. The sliding stainless steel fence railing and welding torch are cooled by water.

The multi-row welding torch can be electrically lifted and lowered, and the upper, lower, front, rear and angle adjustments can be made by hand wheel.

Flame auto-ignition, gas leak alarm system and synchronous lock function.

Burning tip configuration: 50 rows of two burners (one row on each side) vertical fire row,a setof 64 burners and two safety mixers.

No water, gas automatic alarm, the whole machine has explosion-proof protection device.

The equipment has air cooling and water cooling, and two cooling methods



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