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Copper/Aluminum Tube Straightening And Cutting Machine

Copper/Aluminum Tube Straightening And Cutting Machine

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Copper and aluminum tubes are widely utilized in various industries due to their superior properties, such as thermal and electrical conductivity, lightweight, and resistance to corrosion. To meet the production demands of these materials, HVAC companies rely on advanced production equipment like those from BOBO Machine, which is capable of processing these metals with high efficiency. 

Straightening and cutting machines from BOBO Machine are designed to straighten metal tubes and cut them to desired lengths. These machines ensure precision and smoothness at the cut edges, a critical quality for subsequent manufacturing steps. Materials Handled: 

     ● Copper: Known for its exceptional electrical conductivity 

     ● Aluminum: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant 


     ● HVAC systems 

     ● Refrigeration 

     ● Automotive parts 

     ● Electrical conduits 

The BOBO Machine equipment often varies in type, supporting a range of tube sizes and lengths. Our factory in China leverages strong technology and advanced production equipment. Our offerings are known for reasonable pricing and the best services, often aligning with the highest national standards. Key Attributes of BOBO Machine Machinery: 

     ● Extended Max Cutting Length: Some models reaching up to 50 meters 

     ● Chipless Cutting Technology: Ensures burr-free edges 

     ● Versatility: Custom configurations to suit various processes 

When choosing a machine, prospective buyers should consider the technical specifications that best match their production needs, including feed rate, straightening accuracy, and cutting precision. The BOBO Machine machinery aims to reduce manual labor, increase productivity, and maintain a high level of quality control in the manufacturing of copper and aluminum tube products.





Tube Material

Copper / Aluminum / Bundy tube


Tube Diameter



Cutting Length



Work Speed

0~60m/min, adjustable by Inverter


Cutting Tolerance



Control System

PLC control / HMI


Motor Power



Electric System

380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)



2300 x 650 x 1300 mm



500 KG


Technical Specifications and Operational Features

Copper and aluminum tube straightening and cutting machines like those from BOBO Machine are crucial in shaping and cutting tubes with precision and efficiency. Detailedbelow are the technical specifications and operational features essential to their performance.

Machine Parameters and Performance

The BOBO Machine equipment comes in different models to accommodate various tube sizes. For instance, models may include the PSC-12.7mm, PSC-19.05mm, and the PSC-25.4mm. These models can handle tube wall thicknesses up to 5.0mm with a minimum cutting length of 25mm and maximum lengths that vary per model. The machine weights range from 850kg to 1250kg, indicating robust construction for industrial use.

Cutting Technologies and Efficiency

Most machines utilize either chipless cutting techniques, like rotary chipless cutting, or high-speed saw blade cutting. The efficiency of these technologies ensures a high-quality cut and tube feeding speed, which is critical in maintaining production flow.

Automation and Control Systems

The incorporation of servo-driven rotation, precision length settings, and pneumatic brakes contributes to an automated and controlled operation. These systems often include an interface for setting parameters and monitoring the process, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the potential for human error.

Safety and Warranty Features

Operators' safety is paramount with BOBO machines, typically enforced by features such as emergency stops and guards. Most machines come with at least a one-year warranty, guaranteeing repair or replacement of parts and adherence to safety standards like ISO certifications.

Model Variants and Customization Options

BOBO Machine variants cater to a range of production needs. On the basis of a customized request, manufacturers can offer customization options to meet specific operational demands, such as altering feeding mechanisms or adding a bidirectional pipe uncoiler.

Material Compatibility and Adaptability

Our models are designed to be compatible with not just copper and aluminum but potentially other materials like steel pipe, handling a variety of wall thicknesses. This adaptability is essential for facilities that work with diverse tubing requirements.

Factory Integration and Production Support

The equipment comes with support for integration into existing production lines. As advanced production equipment, it often includes horizontal or vertical loading options and can work in tandem with customer factory automation systems.

Energy Requirements and Savings

BOBO machines typically run on an input voltage that aligns with industry standards, with some designed for energy saving. An air source requirement from 0.4-0.7MPa ensures efficient operation and electric-powered models emphasize reduced energy consumption.

Financial Considerations and Transactions

When considering the acquisition of a Copper/Aluminum Tube Straightening and Cutting Machine from BOBO, it’s critical to assess the expenses and financial arrangements. Understanding the nuances of cost, procurement options, and the support available post-purchase will enable businesses to make informed decisions.

Cost Analysis and Comparison

The initial price of a BOBO Copper/Aluminum Tube Straightening and Cutting Machine is a significant portion of the budget. Prospective buyers should compare our manufacturer prices, especially evaluating offerings from China, known for competitive pricing. Businesses should also factor in volume discounts when purchasing multiple BOBO units.

Price Range: Varies based on capacity and features.

Budget: Determine the allocation for purchase.

Compare: Assess different manufacturers to find a reasonable price.

Best Value: Look beyond the price, considering efficiency and durability.

Procurement and Payment Options

For the purchase, businesses may opt for several payment methods, including T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) with commonly accepted terms such as 30% deposits before production and 70% balance to be paid before shipment. Additionally, L/C at sight (Letter of Credit) offers a secure transaction. Import terms like CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) or CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid to) should be evaluated for their inclusivity of all costs.

Payment options: T/T, L/C.

Terms: Commonly, T/T 30% deposits, balance before shipment.

Trade Terms: FAS, CIF, and CIP should be compared for best terms.

Lead Time and Delivery

Lead time may be affected by the current production queue and component availability. Delivery terms such as CIF, CIP, and DAT (Delivered At Terminal) will determine the responsibility for goods during transport.

Lead Time: Subject to production schedule and component availability.

Delivery: Choose terms that best align with the business's timeline.

Warranty and Post-Purchase Services

BOBO offers at least a one-year warranty, which can protect the buyer from early equipment failures. Businesses are advised to verify the coverage details and evaluate our reputation for providing the best services and support. Guarantee policies may also include parts and labor for a specific period.

Warranty: Often one year, but confirm specifics with us.

Services: Quality after-sales support can be critical.

By taking a detailed and structured approach to these financial aspects, businesses can ensure they secure the best deal and reliable support for their Copper/Aluminum Tube Straightening and Cutting Machine investment from BOBO Machine. Contact our customer service team to learn more about how we can meet your production needs.


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