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Cooper Tube Drilling Flanging  Machine D-50

Cooper Tube Drilling Flanging Machine D-50

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This tube drilling machine is widely used in air condition pipe industry, solar water heater industry.




2Touch ScreenWEINVIEW7 Inch Screen
3Servo MotorDelta2 Sets of Servo
7Proximity SwitchOtonix
9Wire Rod & Guide RailHWIN


1Tube materialscopper/steel/bundy tube
2Suitable diameterФ10-Ф 50mm
3Wall thickness0.3-2.0mm
4Diameter of holesaccording to diameter of tubes
6Flanging height1-2.5mm
7Max working length1700mm(counting from first hole)
8Working efficiency2.5-3.5 sec/per hole
9Motor power2.2KW


1.Servo feeding ,pneumatic molding

2.NC programming, easy to operate

3.One time forming,higher efficiency

4.Chip-less cutting,no scars,no need clear


Overview:The equipment consists of a frame, a feeding rotary shaft, a punching flange mechanism, a hydraulic system, and an electronic control system.

Frame:The fuselage is welded by profile, and is processed by vibration aging treatment to ensure rigidity and plane accuracy. It is equipped with four adjustable height foot cups. Parts of the equipment are based on actual working conditions and working environment. Perform necessary surface treatments such as electroplating, blackening, quenching, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, etc. to meet the sufficient strength and surface function of the part.

Feeding shaft:Feeding consists of precision guide rails, ball screw and servo motor to achieve precise displacement of the clamped copper tube. Three claws.

Punching and flanging mechanism: consisting of a punching cylinder and a die (guide sleeve, push-pull rod, punch), clamped by the cylinder boosting mechanism.

Hydraulic system:The integral fuel tank is equipped with an air-cooling system to ensure that the system oil temperature is not more than 55 °C. This equipment adopts a quantitative pump, and the oil circuit adopts energy-saving design; the main reversing valve and oil pump are made of Taiwan quality products.

Electric control cabinet:centralized control by Delta PLC, dialogue with human-machine on touch screen, Schneider button, other main electrical components such as switch and intermediate relay are imported products, servo system uses Delta's B2 servo motor and servo controller to To ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of the control system, the control circuit should be equipped with overload protection; the start switch can be equipped with a pedal or button box.

Coloring:The main color of the device is turquoise, and warning signs are also included in the parts that involve personal safety.

The installation of electrical components of the equipment complies with the relevant national regulations and has a reliable grounding device. The terminals, contactors and small air switches in the electrical box are installed in VDE standard V-groove. The electrical components are clearly marked and electronically controlled. The cabinet adopts the trunking of the all-plastic combing cabinet, the line number is clear; the control panel is neat and the signage subtitles are clear and easy to see.

The equipment control system should have an automatic counting function that accurately counts the number of machining

The equipment detection system is complete, with origin detection and limit alarm function.


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