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Multi-Station Tube End Forming Machine TEF-25T

Multi-Station Tube End Forming Machine TEF-25T

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The multi-station tube end forming machine is a tube end forming machine with multiple mold stations. The horizontal design of the forming machine can select 1 to 10 mold stations, clamp the workpiece with the cylinder, push the hydraulic cylinder The molding die advances, and the end portion of the pipe member is formed by extrusion of the die, and the utility model can simultaneously have the functions of expansion, contraction, pier, and rotation. Usually used in aircraft ducts, auto parts, air conditioning pipe fittings, hardware products and other industries.

1Programmable PLCMitsubishiJapan
2Touch ScreenMitsubishiJapan
3Cylinders and solenoid valvesSMCJapan
4Servo systemMitsubishiJanpan
5switches and sensorsAutonics / SchneiderKorea/Germany
6electrical appliancesSiemens, SchneiderGermany
7Hydraulic StationHUADECHINA



Max OD4-26mm38mm42mm60mm80mm
Max Thickness2mm2.5mm3.0mm4.0mm6mm
No. Stations1月6日1月6日1月6日1月6日1月6日
Max Stroke80mm100mm140mm170mm200mm
Width of Grooving0-25mm0-30mm0-35mm0-45mm0-60mm
Servo motor1.5kw2.0kw2.5kw3.0kw5.5kw
Max. Force600KN800KN1250KN1850KN3000KN
Concave Die Punching Stroke:200mm250mm320mm380mm440mm

The tube end forming machine adopts a horizontal design structure.

1)Design one to six stations, one of which is a rotating station.

The mold is mounted on the hand piece, and the head moves in the horizontal direction and is driven by a cylinder.

2)The design has a horizontal clamping method.

The forming process is performed by a method in which the pipe member is held still and the mold is moved.

3)It can be equipped with expansion, contraction, swirling groove, card set, and card sleeve tightening.

4)The feed motion is driven by Siemens servo motor with high precision.

5)Automatic operation with Siemens CNC system control equipment.

6)The multi-station tube end forming machine has an independent processing product lubrication system.

7)The multi-station tube end forming machine has a compressed air blowing device.

8)The multi-station tube end forming machine has the front and rear positioning functions of the pipe to ensure that it meets the requirements after molding.

9)Equipped with a hydraulic cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine.

10)At the same time, it has both manual and automatic functions, and is equipped with an emergency stop device for high safety.

11)In manual mode, it has a jog control operation function to adjust the machine and mold.

12)The processing cycle of each station is 3-6 seconds/piece.

13)In the automatic mode, after the foot switch is activated, the machine automatically completes a workpiece machining to improve efficiency.

14)The machine is designed with a counter function that records the number of jobs in the class.



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