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Automatic CNC Copper Pipe Tube Drawing Shrinking Cutting Machine Send To Argentina

1. This machine is composed of an automatic loading and unloading device, a manipulator mobile grabbing device, a pipe drawing mechanism, a positioning mechanism, a saw head mechanism, a pneumatic system and an electric control system.


2. Automatic loading and unloading device: manually discharging materials to the V-groove one by one, discharging up to 200 pieces (pipes) at a time. The feeding is driven by a pneumatic cylinder + linear guide rail, and a manipulator is used to grab and load the material. The unloading adopts the mechanical hand to grab and unload the material.


3. Mechanical mobile grabbing device: There are 4 manipulator grabbing positions, the vertical and horizontal movement of the manipulator is controlled by the air cylinder, and the manipulator takes the material from the alignment position of the feeding device in turn, and then transfers to the next station. After the product is processed, the manipulator Take it out again and put it in the turnover box.

4. Pipe drawing mechanism: This mechanism is composed of pneumatic clamping mechanism, hydraulic drawing mechanism, drawing mold base, guide rod, linear bearing, floating positioning mechanism, and feeding and discharging cylinders. The pipe fittings initially positioned on the feeding rack of the first station are grabbed by the manipulator and put into the floating positioning V-shaped groove of the pipe drawing mechanism at the second station. The head is put into the fixture, clamped by the cylinder, and the pipe drawing cylinder drives the mold seat. The mold moves to a certain position together, and the distance is controlled by the stroke switch. At this time, the cylinder returns, and the cylinder on the side of the fixture moves to transfer the formed pipe. The mold is pushed out, and the manipulator grabs it and transfers it to the third station for positioning.


5. Positioning mechanism: Since the pipe is stretched and the diameter becomes smaller, the workpiece needs to be repositioned at this station. This station is equipped with positioning backers and push cylinders, and the V-shaped block is adjustable up and down. , The pipe fittings after positioning are grabbed by the manipulator and transferred to the fourth station.


6. Saw head mechanism: This mechanism is mainly composed of a clamp and a cutting motor. The cutting motor is equipped with a linear guide rail, which can move left and right, and is propelled by a cylinder. There are dovetail sliding tables and adjusting screws on the front and back for easy adjustment. The pipe after positioning is grabbed by the manipulator, transferred into the saw head clamp, the pipe is clamped, and the cutting motor is pushed forward by the air cylinder to saw off the head of the drawing pipe. The processed work piece is grasped again by the manipulator and transferred to the feeding chute. At this time, all processing is completed, and the next action cycle is repeated.


7. The parts of each part of the equipment are subjected to the necessary surface treatments according to the actual working conditions and working environment, such as electroplating, blackening, quenching, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, etc., to meet the needs of the parts to have sufficient strength and surface functions

The electrical installation box and valve control box of the equipment are fixed on the side of the machine frame. The electrical installation box has double doors for easy maintenance. The whole machine adopts PLC+touch screen as the core controller, and the control circuit should be equipped with overload protection function.

Features of copper/aluminum tube straightening and cutting machine for air-conditoner system :

* Servo CNC, accurate locating stable feeding
* High degree of automation, convenient adjustment
* With snapping function, little shrinking of tube end





Tube diameter

Φ 4-20mm


Length error in each cutting

≤ 0.5mm (L=1000)


Tube cutting length



Cutting tube number

4 tubes (tube diameter can different, length are same)


Production efficiency



Surface condition

There is no obvious pulling, scratching and pressing on tube surface