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Serpentine Winding snake Steel Pipe Tube Bending Machine for Boiler Exchanger Send to Poland

Product Description

Serpentine Steel Tube Bending Machine For Boiler

The tube bending machine is a special equipment for bending serpentine tubes in the boiler industry. It can achieve continuous bending of serpentine tubes with the feeding device. This equipment is a combination of two 76-head heading pipe bending machines, a clockwise single pipe bending machine and a counterclockwise single pipe bending machine. The pipe bending machines in different directions can be switched by moving and lifting the main machine ( Large R and small R) to bend the pipe.
Pipe specifications
Pipe diameter
Wall thickness
Minimum bending radius
R≥1.1D (wall thickness meets ≥10%D)
Maximum bending radius
R≤200mm (wall thickness meets ≥10%D)
Pipe material
carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Bending speed
Bending angle
Bending angle accuracy
Maximum rotation moment of pipe bending die
5 t·m
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system
Heading cylinder stroke
Maximum heading force
Our Advantages
In the process of manufacturing serpentine tube products, the CNC feeding trolley plays an important role in the quality of serpentine tube products. The equipment uses a hydraulic chuck to clamp the pipe. The chuck clamps the pipe on the linear guide rail and drives the servo motor to accurately deliver the pipe to the required size. (If the length of one feeding is not enough, the pipe clamping mechanism will clamp the pipe. , the hydraulic chuck releases the pipe and returns to the idle path to clamp the pipe again and feed until the feeding length is reached). All action instructions are controlled by the PLC of the pipe bending machine, and the feeding length is set through the pipe bending machine touch screen. The human-machine dialogue is intuitive and the operation is flexible and easy. (The rotation angle mechanism can be configured according to customer needs).