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Steel /Bundy Tube  Straightening & Chipless Cutting Machine

Steel /Bundy Tube Straightening & Chipless Cutting Machine

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Overview of Steel/Bundy Tube Straightening & Chipless Cutting Machines

At BOBO Machine, we understand that seamless steel and Bundy tube processing is pivotal across industries. Our specialized straightening and chipless cutting solutions optimize tubes for functionality and reliability. Read on as we explore the technical details and procurement process for our unmatched fabrication machines.

We provide a critical tube preparation solution without producing chips or compromising integrity. Our machines straighten tubes and cut them to precisely customized lengths through advanced techniques.

Precision StraighteningBurr-Free Chipless Cutting

Bent or coiled tubes can undermine performance. Our straightening wheels flawlessly correct bends using a high-accuracy process that guarantees concentricity for subsequent joining or installations.

Burr-Free Chipless Cutting

The chipless cutting process is a clean and precise method to customize tube lengths. By utilizing advanced cutting techniques, we achieve a smooth, burr-free finish while maintaining the exact diameter and wall thickness specifications. This process is not only efficient but also reduces waste, enhancing the overall sustainability of production. As custom manufacturers, we ensure that our straightening and cutting machines cater to specific industry standards and client demands. Whether it's a matter of handling various diameters or constructing with specific wall thicknesses, we offer versatile solutions that integrate seamlessly into the production workflow.





Tube Material

Steel tube/ Bundy tube


Tube Diameter



Cutting Length



Work Speed

0~60m/min, adjustable by Inverter


Cutting Tolerance

Up to±0.5mm/1m


Control System

PLC control / HMI


Air Pressure



Motor Power



Electric System

380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)



2300 x 650 x 1300 mm



500 KG


Technical Features and Customization 

We utilize advanced technologies for steel tube processing control. Moreover, our systems allow extensive adjustments to suit diverse production needs.

Specialized Control Parameters

An inverter-coupled servo motor enables fine-tuned speed calibration for peak performance. The electric system has PLC integration for precision regulation during straightening and cutting.

     ● High-Quality Straightening Process Control

     ● Efficient and Reliable Cutting Cycles

Customization for Every Facility

The machine can adapt to different material types, diameters, wall thicknesses, and cycle times. We also optimize it for easy maintenance to minimize production disruptions. Whether producing tubes for automotive or refrigeration, our solution fits seamlessly into your workflow.

     ● Adjustable Specifications and Operation Modes

     ● Streamlined Maintenance Procedures

Procurement, Support, and Services

As leading suppliers, we ensure a streamlined procurement process and comprehensive support for our Steel/Bundy Tube Straightening & Chipless Cutting Machines. We prioritize quality packaging, timely delivery, and exceptional after-sales service.

Purchasing and Shipping Information

Packaging Details: We take the utmost care in packaging, generally using wooden cases to prevent damage during transport. Each machine is cushioned with protective materials to ensure its integrity upon arrival.

     ● Supply Ability: Consistent with high demand, we maintain an ample supply of machinery.

     ● Lead Time: The typical lead time for our equipment varies, but we strive to expedite the process to meet your scheduling needs.

     ● Port: Our shipments are usually dispatched from the main ports, ensuring efficient and secure transportation.

     ● Delivery Terms: We accommodate various delivery terms including CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight), DAT (Delivered at Terminal), DAP (Delivered at Place), and FAS (Free Alongside Ship) to meet your specific requirements.

     ● Payment Options: A range of payment methods, including upfront payments and flexible payment terms, is available to suit your purchasing strategy.

After-Sales Service and Support

Guarantee and Spare Parts: We provide a comprehensive guarantee for our machinery, and a full inventory of spare parts is always available to ensure minimal downtime.

     ● Online Support and Training: Our dedicated online support team is available to assist with any queries. Additionally, we offer extensive training to ensure your team can fully leverage the machine's capabilities.

     ● After-Sales Service: We pride ourselves on our after-sales service which includes regular maintenance checks and prompt technical assistance to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

     ● Samples and Demonstration: On request, we can provide samples and arrange demonstrations to showcase the efficiency and quality of our Steel/Bundy Tube Straightening & Chipless Cutting Machines.

With strict quality control and customer service as our priorities, your satisfaction is guaranteed when partnering with BOBO Machine for your tube processing needs.


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